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Best road trip ever!!

Listened to the book on a road trip this past weekend. Holy moly!! Heart pounding, sweaty palms, multiple WTF moments. This audio book just made my weekend and my long car drive was one of the most memorable.


This was a really good read. I found it quite compelling and it made sense when viewed through an open mind.

Well deserved 4 stars!

I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to finish this book. I was wrong, so happily so. It wasn’t until I was approximately 15% through that the story finally gripped me, when it did I missed a night’s sleep to finish it. There were a few things that I guessed at and was correct about the plot and others that caught me utterly unaware. I would happily recommend this novel!

Goosebumps for days!

I am floored by the book and the narrator. It changed my perspective on so many things over and over as i listened. Binge listened the whole thing - 8+ hours - through the night and then had to go to work right after. I am still processing what i just experienced. One of my favorite audio books. no doubt about that!

Welcome to Da Vinci 2.0

my biggest qualm with this book: it’s goal is to debunk faith and religion. So, I’m not letting this affect my overall rating of this book, because it is a work of fiction. I think if I were to take this book literally, then it’d be the worst possible rating I could give, as it tries to undermine the validity and importance religion--specifically Christianity--has in the world today. Not to mention, the importance it has to millions, if not billions of individuals. As a Christian, it’s infuriating to read a book that tries to do this sort of thing and give it a skewed name. However, as I stated before, this is fiction--imagination at play. I’m not here to just rant about this, so I’ll set this argument aside for the most part. A point that aligns with this idea of religion that does need addressing is the idea of morality. In a situation like this where there is essentially no such thing as religion, where, pray tell me, do morals stem from? It could be so simple for these characters to tip the scales to the negative and use it for their purpose and advantage (as some have in the past) solely.

It’s hard to foresee where this story will go as it will eventually be a trilogy. As things like time travel and exploration of other worlds has been referenced, the options are literally endless. I think the idea behind this story is creative, and definitely took a lot of time to cultivate.


This book left me with a good dose of fear. All through the reading process, I could follow the link between the scientific and the religious. A different perspective that makes one think.
The explanations are well written for those of us with limited scientific knowledge and jargon. It was a fast read once sitting down and being able to really focus on it. The view points from multiple characters can be a bit confusing until you remember who is who and where he/she is. The ending reveals a lot about one character that is a flaw many of us possess and I am curious how that could be handled in the new situation these people find themselves in.

Intriguing Plot

The plot was intriguing and I was invested in the storyline (I do like secret societies and conspiracies), but I did have trouble relating to the characters. Even though I'm primarily a character-driven reader rather than plot-driven, I still enjoyed this book and will be reading the sequel. I'm interested to see how they pick up the pieces and rebuild after all the devastation.

Apocalyptic, end of the world thrill

I have to admit right off the bat that this was an anxiety inducing, scary read for me personally. Apocalyptic, end of the world, death type things have a way of throwing me into an anxiety attack and make me incredibly fearful and that is exactly what this book did.

The beginning was a little strange and I was concerned where it was going, but it immediately thrust me into this end of the world situation that I got sucked into and could not stop reading. I had to know what was happening, how people were going to survive, why certain people were meant to survive – it was a crazy suspenseful read. I really wanted to rate the book a full 5 stars, but the ending got a little too religious for me and I felt rather lost. And the ending was… well, abrupt. It just – ended.

This is clearly meant to be a cliffhanger ending and it very much achieved that. I really do want to continue reading more to see where this journey is going now that I have started the journey. If Dystopian, end of the world suspense and thrill are your thing – this book is right up your alley. I would not recommend it for “young” readers (aka, my teenager and pre-teen who love to read) but would definitely recommend for adults. It was, overall, a great read.

Great start to a series!

This book had so many elements that I love. There is a quest style adventure, full of secrets, secret societies and history. This is a book right up my alley and I have to say K.M. Lewis really delivered. The writing is fantastic and the plot is really intricate and interesting. At times the story may feel overwhelming because of the sheer amount going on, but just stick with it, because it all comes together, and it leaves you wanting the next book immediately. If you are a fan of secret societies throughout history and you love the adventure style of the Robert Langdon books, then the Thirteenth Guardian trilogy is going to be right up your alley. I really enjoyed this book. I can’t wait for the next one in the trilogy!

Apocalypse, conspiracy, action/thriller

First, I feel like the title and novel cover are misleading because I genuinely thought that there would be some mystical and supernatural angel type stuff like the movie Legion, but there wasn't. With that in mind, this book was still AMAZING!!!

This novel is on par with Armageddon and the end of the world stuff with SO much real science and information, in addition, to the real information there are ties that are thrown in with historical and religious references and it was just absolutely awe inspiring. At first when you begin this novel you are thrown into a lot of different story lines with different characters and it feels very confusing, but then you quickly get hooked and this was a novel I did NOT want to put down. Be warned, this is not one of those that you think "just one more chapter" at night....because next thing you know it will be 2a!!!

I did love how this story had a good enough ending, however, definitely can continue on and I am excited to see what the author has in store for the next novel!

For Fans of The Da Vinci Code

This had a The Da Vinci Code vibe to it, which I enjoyed. K.M. Lewis has brought the apocalypse of the Bible to life in The Thirteenth Guardian, but there's a huge secret, and it's a good one, quite the doozy. I thought this book was captivating and I finished the book in one sitting. It looks to be a part of a series, maybe even a trilogy. I'm excited to see where this goes!

Earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, volcano eruptions, floods, and plagues....

The Thirteenth Guardian has a lot of references to the bible and I loved making those connections from Moses and Noah to plagues and biblical references to the Vatican to Da Vinci to Michelangelo and it even reminded me of the Pangaea.

The time and the research that went into the writing of The Thirteenth Guardian alone is so amazing. The writing in itself is brilliant to bring all this information together in one story to explain how some of the things in the bible may have come about or to explain a comet that may be headed our way as we speak to reference a comet in such a way is brilliant and amazing which may just open a few eyes. I can’t give it enough phrases. If I could give it more than five stars I would on the writing alone not to mention the time and research that I imagine went into the writing. Would I recommend The Thirteenth Guardian? You bet I would to all fans of apocalyptic or the bible after all it is just a fantasy story right?

Unique, awe inspiring, must read

The thirteenth guardian, well where to start, I went into this book knowing nothing and it blew me away, from the first chapter I was hooked, the history aspect,the different character points of view over different continents and the hidden history stories had me captivated for page 1 . I'm not a very religious person but even all the religious text and information that was incased in this book was great and surprisingly powerful. This book has now become one of my favorite books of all time, which in comparison to some of my all time favorites such as Jurassic Park, Harry Potter (all of them), Vicious, The KingMaker Chronicles and Stalking Jack the Ripper series just to name a few, this book has something unique and awe inspiring about it that will make reading it a vivid and sometimes terrifying experience that everyone needs to do.

Action Thriller

I started reading this book and found myself more and more engrossed with the story. The plot is non stop action and thought provoking. I could not put the book down. Lewis has written a hit.

The end of days has finally come

The Thirteenth Guardian by KM Lewis is a genuinely different approach to all the different types of dystopian books that I have read over the years. Mr. Lewis truly takes it into a new spin. Taking all the ancient stories, paintings, and all the religious teachings that we have known throughout time to wrap them up into one story.

Wonderful Story

Very very good story, it was a page turner. Once I started reading I couldn't put it down. I would recommend this book to my friends.

You're going to love this one!

If you knew when the world would end, what would you do? If you knew for a fact that you were chosen to put your life on the line to save the world, would you? This book is an amazing read with lots of action. The ending will blow you away!


All hell breaks out, the earth as we know it changes almost over night.
K.M. Lewis created a set of characters in this book that resulted in a very captivating story that is thought provoking.

Couldn't put it down til I finished it

It isn't often I am so intrigued by a premise or the complexity of the story . I am looking forward to seeing the next phase.


What an intense book! I truly enjoyed this read and every character in it. This book gives you a thought about the the end times. I will be looking at the Sistine chapel differently now.


What a really great story, very original, well written, completely engaging. I was on the edge of my seat through the entire book, never able to second guess the author. Thanks to Mr. Lewis for a thrilling ride.


Can't wait for book two! Makes your think about the past and could this really have happened and will it happen again? Could be........

Absolutely amazing take on Revelation and Genesis

I wasn't sure what to expect but this was definitely a game changer! It is definitely different take on world changing cataclysm and constant Genesis. I gobbled it up and eagerly await the next one.

Thirteenth Guardian Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

Took a few chapters to see where it was going but it had me from the start. Loved all the different ways it came at me. The end truth set me free.

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